Watch this Video to Learn about Negotiating Construction Subcontracts with a particular focus on Payment Provisions, Lien and Bond Rights. Performance Bond Restriction Clauses.

Payment; when do they have to pay me? Do they have to pay me at all? If I am not paid on time, can I walk off the job?

Mechanic's Lien and Payment Bond Rights; If I am not paid on time, can I file a mechanic's lien or bond claim? Can they really write a "no-lien" contract and get away with it? Can they eliminate my payment bond rights? Even if I can file a lien or bond claim, can I still be paid if the contract has a "pay-if-paid" clause?

Performance Bond Restriction; sometimes the contracts that I am given say that the contractor can require me to get a performance bond, even after I have started work. Can they do this? Do you think I can get a bond after I started work on the project? If they require that I give a bond, who pays for it? What if I can't get a bond, am I in default? Can they terminate me and refuse to pay me?

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