A Valentine Wedding in Seychelles
(a wedding film by Jruzz)

On this day, we not only celebrated Arnold and Lourds' love for each other but also the culmination of inay's dream for her youngest daughter to meet the person who would love her more than life itself.

Love is the tears that flowed through the bride's face while grieving her dear mother's recent passing and celebrating the happiest day in her life - a juxtaposition of feelings which invoked such strong emotions in not only the couple but in all 19 guests of this intimate wedding.

Seychelles is breathtakingly beautiful, but this moment, even more so.

This day is all about Arnold and Lourds and their love for each other, nothing more and nothing less. The simplicity of the planning which resulted in buckets of happy tears is a great reminder that always, it is more important to plan the marriage more than it is the wedding.
Location: Seychelles Islands
Date: February 13-15, 2014
Cinematography and Edit: Jruzz Merca
Photographer: Michael Popan Velasco
Assistant: Garry Cobilla


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