For this video I used photos that are over hundred years old. It is very difficult for me to know

A special place in this video is for the Stalheim hotel.
On the map:,+Stalheimsvegen,+Stalheim,+Norway&hl=en&ll=60.834873,6.681061&spn=0.522014,1.652069&sll=52.469397,5.509644&sspn=2.610313,6.608276&oq=Stalheim+hotel,+norway&t=h&z=10

*The history of Stalheim*
The history of hospitality at Stalheim dates back to 1647 when Stalheim became a postal farm on the newly opened Oslo -- Bergen postal route. In 1750 the first postal inn, now a part of Stalheim museum, was built and in 1885 the first Stalheim Hotel opened its doors.

The Stalheim Hotel of today is from 1960 and offers 124 comfortable rooms with a total of 220 beds. The many fine antiques that are on display in the hotel's spacious panorama lounges are a part of the extensive collection of art and artefacts that constitutes Stalheim Folk Museum, one of Norway's largest privately owned folk museums.

Since the early 18th century many painters, known and unknown, have found inspiration for their art in the wild and dramatic nature around Stalheim. Best known of the" Stalheim paintings" is however J.C.Dahl monumental painting " From Stalheim" 1842, now on display at the National Gallery in Oslo.

*The journey to Stalheim*
The journey to Stalheim is an attraction in its own right. No matter which direction you are coming from you will travel through some of Norway's most spectacular landscapes; great mountains with snowtopped peaks, rivers throwing themselves fearlessly off steep mountains, narrow valleys and green meadows and the blue fjord framed by 1000 metres high mountains sides. Stalheim is one of the attractions and a major stop on the world famous "Norway in a Nutshell" roundtrip and man of our guests prefer to include parts of this round trip in their journey to Stalheim.

*Website Stalheim hotel*

*Geirr Tveitt*, born Nils Tveit (October 19, 1908 -- February 1, 1981) was a Norwegian composer and pianist.
His life was dramatically. His music is fantastic. A great composer came into my life when I started listening, finding him when searching for videos with the unique, awesome Hardanger fiddle, and object of Art. He composed many many works around the Hardanger folk music, when he started living there. Hardanger must have been a culturally very rich region. The Hardanger embroidery is world famous. The Hardanger fiddle, originally a folk music instrument, got a deserved royal place in some of his amazing compositions.

How sad to read that almost all of his compositions got lost when his house went on fire. Some of them could be saved, but specialized professionals are needed to take all the sheets from each other without destroying the composition. They are kept in Oslo, in a special center.
The music in this video is the first part of "Variations on a Folksong from Hardanger", one of the few compositions that were not in the house.
Incredible beautiful music. Brilliant work. I dare to say that for me he is at least of the same level as Edvard Grieg, and all other composers that are on the top of the list of classical music composers of all times.

The full version of these Variotions on a Folksong from Hardanger:

More about Geirr Tveitt:

This video has also been published in my classical music youtube channel:

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