Welcome back everyone. So sorry it has been so long. The three of us have had some work and life stuff happen in the past 2 months which is why we've been away for so long. But now its 2010, and we're back!!!!

In this episode we talk about:

-A piece that Anthony Furlong did for Promax/BDA Design Awards 2008, that Timmy has been obsessed with. Here is a link: anthonyfurlong.com/work/bda/index.php

-We answer a question 2 part question we all get asked quite a bit. What computers/hardware do you use? And, mouse vs. tablet.

-Last we give some personal pointers. Maybe they're good.... Maybe they're not. Who knows...

-Promax/BDA Design Awards 2008. By: Anthony Furlong. Site: anthonyfurlong.com Contact: anthony@anthonyfurlong.com

Twitters Timmy Mentioned:
- twitter.com/maxon3d
- twitter.com/Cineversity
- twitter.com/helloluxx
- twitter.com/pariahrob
Honorable Mention (because I was on the spot and forgot... sorry):
- twitter.com/Motionworks
- twitter.com/makecoolshit
- twitter.com/motionographer
- twitter.com/fuelnetwork

Of course make sure you follow us, twitter.com/keyframers.
Hit us up on Facebook, bit.ly/keyframe

If you've got any questions/comments/ideas for future shows please please please email us at, keyframers@gmail.com.

Thanks so much for you time people! Sorry its been so long, and sorry there were some "quarks" in this episode, like Pas getting a million IM's during the shoot. And Timmy's bad framerate. We'll get it perfect one day...

Timmy: twitter.com/timmy_allen
Nick: twitter.com/nick_vegas
Pas: twitter.com/darkmotion

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