Can you remember the Hoverboard from the movie Back to the future?
They told the world this board would exist by 2015.
Well, we have been working on this project for a long time, and yes indeed, we have made it!
The Hoverboard will be out soon, all we need now are some people to test it!
Glyde is the proud founder of this brilliant invention. The combination of our EMSC (Electro Magnetic Self Controlled) system and our self-made chemical substance glydecine, results in this floating board.
A further project we have in mind is deploying our product on a larger scale,
like making it work on the streets or in skate parks.
Did you like this video? Do you want to try out this board? We can make it happen!
You try it out in order for us to make improvements!
Browse to as soon as possible and sign up!
Everybody has a chance to enroll for the test phase!

Extreme ways - Moby

Glyde Team:
Alexandra Usé
Thomas Lambert
Jens Bombey
Ruben Van Wassenhove
Thomas Cappelle
Mats Van Mieghem
Lucas Debrock
Thomas Melsens
Nicolas Jaenen
Dylan Caestecker


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