RHMOL #1 Creation - In a ground-breaking, new, independently produced series, Richard Herring attempts to find the answers to all of life's big questions, through the medium of stand-up, animation and an interview with an expert.

First up is the creation of the Universe, where did we come from and why can neither science or religion give a satisfactory explanation of what was here before? Was the Universe created by an insect, some milk, a wanking God or a confusing explosion of nothing? What really happened in the garden of Eden? Why has science come up with such a childish name for its theory? With an interview about Quantum theory and much more with Marcus Chown.

You can subscribe to the full-length show with the whole interview and lots more stand-up at gofasterstripe.com/rhmol (available in audio only for £6 or audio and video in SD and HD for £15).

Or support this project with a one-off or monthly donation in return for a badge on the same page.

All the money will go towards making more internet content (including hopefully a monthly video version of AIOTM).

Monthly subscribers will also have access to another channel with extra and exclusive content.

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