This ended up being a fun one. So the video shot for a full day, then some new ideas were kicked around and there was a second reshoot day. When the video came to our post house the artist management seemed to feel nothing to very little from the first days shoot should be used. (To be clear there was nothing wrong with the footage and it was all shot very true to the video treatment, they had just decided they wanted to go in another direction.)

Based on a phone conversation I made an initial edit including some shots from the first days shoot but primarily from the second. After sending them a link I received a call from Taylor (the lead singer) and Ben (The Guitarist) who stated they wanted nothing from the first day included. Since it seemed they knew clearly what they wanted I set them up with logins to our online review and approval system where they could view and comment on all of the raw footage. The following Monday we had another conference call with their new vision and I set to editing that. I wasn't feeling it but I wanted them to see it and give feedback accordingly.

I uploaded that second cut and the reaction wasn't great. I had another conversation with her management who feared if we couldn't put together something everyone liked there may not be a video at all. Finally I heard something we are rarely asked in client driven post... "If you were just given this footage, with no notes and no direction how would you cut this video?" So I told them I thought a lot of the initial days footage was great and could work and that the track had to strong a rhythm to not have an edit that complimented that. I was told to put something together and send it their way.

I spent the next day editing, based on the treatment, what images I liked and what I felt worked and then sent them the cut. An hour mater management called to say they loved it and to keep going. I figured they would, but thought perhaps Taylor, Ben and the band wouldn't feel the same. I made a full cut and sent it to them. They loved it... everyone including the band. In the end they swapped out four shots, that's it.

Getting to cut what you want, how you want and satisfying the clients in ways they didn't even expect is a rare and wonderful thing. My only regret is there being no color grade. There was one, a beautiful one (the walking hall shots of Taylor are from that grade) but they ended up liking the raw, mismatched feel of the footage right out of the camera.

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