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We live in a society that requires a tremendous amount of energy to function. We know that most of the energy we make is brown energy that pollutes our environment, but we have to have it, and it’s expensive, too. In fact, for many businesses, municipalities, schools and other organizations, the electricity we buy from the grid every day is one of our biggest expense items. We’re hurting our planet, and paying dearly for the privilege.

But did you know that you could lower your utility bills, reduce your carbon footprint and ‘green’ your image, just by harvesting energy on your roof?

At ECORUS Americas, our vision is for a future of clean energy – solar energy – efficiently generated right where it’s used, and a future in which lower and more stable energy prices enhance our economic security as well.

ECORUS Americas can generate clean, renewable solar energy, using your rooftop, the space above your parking lot or open land at your location. This will reduce the brown energy you take from the grid and cut your electricity cost. Best of all, Ecorus Americas covers the cost of the solar equipment, and operates and maintains it, too. You can stay focused on your core activities, paying only for energy actually produced.

So, how does this work? First, you provide us some basic information about your facility and we determine how much solar energy we can produce and at what price.

Next we install the solar system at our own expense, and you agree to buy the electricity produced at the agreed rate. Pretty simple. No money down.

The cost and hassles of installing, operating and maintaining the system are our problems, not yours. Since you only pay for energy actually produced, it’s up to us to maximize system up-time and energy production. It's the only way we get paid.

Chances are, you’ve already noticed solar installations cropping up around you. The thought leaders in their sectors are making it happen, taking the initiative for all of us, and reaping the benefits. Shouldn’t you be among them? Saving on energy costs, greening your image and greening the planet at the same time. All with no up-front cost. Makes it hard to find a reason why not.

ECORUS Americas – let us help you harvest nature’s energy

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