CrazyCloud Team,
University College Cork, Ireland
Computer Science Dept.
Dr. John Herbert as supervisor
Mohamamd Hashemi, Dapeng Dong, and Rezvan Pakdel as team members
WikiAni is an application designed for IEEE MadC competition 2014.
All rights reserved by CrazyCloud team.

The Internet is the main source to find how things (almost everything) work. We often search on Wikipedia and Google, etc for what we are interested. These Internet-based tools often return a longlist and tedious descriptions in text with a lots of technical terminologies. This sometimes may not be helpful for young people to understand how the things work, and consequently not arousing their interest in science or any subjects of their interests. Or sometimes people try to search something on the Internet, they even don’t know what it is. The Internet is lack of intuitive explanation of things. The aim of this project is about providing a Mobile-Cloud service that explains things to non-technical people or technical people with time constraints for understanding them in a intuitive way – Animations, namely WikiAni. The WikiAni works as follows. Users take pictures or text inputs from their mobile devices using client software, and send it to a cloud-based service. The cloud service identifies the object in the image or extract the target from text inputs; based on the identified object returns an animation clips that explains how the thing works. The level of complexity and details are adjusted by age group or knowledge level from user profiles. The initial WikiAni contains minimum materials. We welcomes all individuals and organizations to participate and contribute your knowledge to WikiAni database.

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