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After 2 years of working tirelessly on our F1's, F2's, Documentaries, and F3's, over 700 hours of on set experience, doing every job from gripping to directing, we have reached our final project: our thesis films!

Right now, we are in development for our films. Currently, the students are pitching ideas, and workshopping scripts, draft after draft. This summer, once we have finalized our scripts, we begin cycles of pre-production and production!

A typical thesis film set has about 15-25 crew members, several cast members, and sometimes as many as 50 extras. So many mouths to feed! Feeding cast and crew is often the largest expense on a shoot. Many restaurants and small businesses in the Tallahassee community accommodate us with deals and special rates, but we still need your help covering all of the expenses!

Another huge expense for our productions is production design - that is, the art and set design that contributes to the overall look of the film. This covers everything from costumes to locations, and can often be very pricey. We have discount deals with several companies including Goodwill Industries, but again the deals and relationships we have within the community often do not cover the full cost, and so we need your help.

In addition to production design and set food, we have other expenses including special equipment (steadicams, special lenses, etc.), transportation costs, housing for out-of-town actors, and so much more. Because we are students on student budgets, we simply cannot cover all of these expenses ourselves - which is why we are asking for your help!

To show our gratitude for your support, we have included perks that can be found on our Spark website. Gain access to our VIP behind-the-scenes photos on our Instagram website, receive special credit in a thesis film of your choosing, receive two tickets for the thesis film screening, or even become a featured sponsor of the thesis screening! These are just some of the perks that come with various donations.

On behalf of the Class of 2014, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. We couldn't do this without you!

Creative Credits:
Samurai Jet created by Hong Zhi Hao
Viper MK-IV Fighter created by Costinus

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