This short movie is a "no-budget" independent project between Eben (, Sigier Records ( and the Stupid Crew (

This movie is dedicated to all persons who enjoy cars in a large way.

It's the story of some friends who started to drift in the street, some years ago.
After main illegal trainings and some competitions, they decided to start their own event, here in France.
The fact is that Drift, in France, is misunderstood. But they did it, even after many complications concerning tracks regulations.
Because it's very hard in France to find a track who can accept drift sessions,
Those twenty years old guys finally did it.

That event is named «DriftBash», and after two times, it was the best event/competition in which I participated !

This movie is very important for us.
We really want to show to the world that France can do good things concerning o

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