"Jesus b'y id be dead if I had dem on. He's a fuckin' lunatic! Dem balls didnt come from his mudder. IF I DONE DAT I BE IN DA WATERFORD! How many times dey fuckin rupture demselves landin on da bars? If dat was my young fella id knock em out! Da by's are good, but der all mental."

Featuring Liam Flanagan, Douis Brattey, Danny Beer, Brodye Chappell, JD Hackett, Colin Brattey, Errol Elli, Conor Thompson, Steve Evans, Richard Boone, David Marsh, Leon Basin, Josh Silver, Brian Long, Dale Phillips, Bryan Fajkovic, Alan Steiner, Marcus Worthman, Christian Sheppard, Levi Hynes, Derek Mackinnon, Ben Beharrell, Charles Arsenault, Dan Lefebre, and Luke Porter.

Captured by Colin Brattey and Danny Beer
Gutted & Filleted by Colin Brattey
Additional Filming by Sean Berrigan

Do it for fun.

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