This animation is part of a 5 ad TV campaign I directed for the Catalonian Government. The aim of the campaign was to promote the idea that little actions can make a big difference.

'The Revolution of Little Actions' spot was animated in Flash and then Composted within a 3D plain in After Effects. A lot of the static elements were brought in from directly in from Adrian Johnson's illustrations.

This was a big project and I think at one point we were working on 3 ads at once. I had such a good team working on these animations the ads were a pleasure to make.

Directed and Storyboarded by: Tim Ruffle - Visit my website:

Animators: Joe Wood, Tom Evans, Zoran Jankovic, Robin Davey and Felix Massie.
After Effects: Spencer Cross
Flash Artworking: Seb Bernett
Photoshop: James Grant
Illustrations by Adrian Johnson
Produced at Aardman Animations for Bus Productions

© Aardman Animations Ltd 2010

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