We make lava. Because Art. Because Science.

100% Dresser Trap Rock; Crucible T=1350°C, test stand slope 15°, 900 gallon water tank, 3 million BTU gas fired furnace.

February 22, 2014
This was the second trial to form lava pillows, after many stops and starts (power outage, equipment failures, etc.) our progress is shown here.

The lava was poured on a steel trough feeding a steel pour box attached to a 4” ID steel tube introducing the lava 50cm underwater on to steel ramp sloped at 15 degrees in an attempt to make pillow lavas, similar to those that form on mid-ocean ridges, beneath glaciers, lava flowing into a body of water, etc. Prof. Ben Edwards (Dickinson College: research foci: glaciovolcanism (interactions between volcanoes and ice, including the formation of pillow lava and cooling joints) collected data during the flow. This video was filmed by Jenny Wysocki using a two (2) GoPro Hero3+’s submerged in the tank; one on a jib and the other fixed.
The SU Lava Project is a joint research venture between SU Earth Sciences and SU Sculpture. For further information please contact Prof. Robert Wysocki, SU Sculpture at rjwysock@syr.edu or Dr. Jeffrey Karson, SU Earth Sciences at jakarson@syr.edu.

We make lava. Because Art. Because Science.

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