This slide show features a female Baltimore oriole, who is a returning guest to my terrace.*
I call her Emily, after the poem written by Emily Dickinson titled ‘The Oriole’s Secret’.
All the images were taken on February 16, 2014, when I participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC).
These pictures were selected to highlight the behavioral observations requested by the GBBC.
They include her eating at the same feeder as other birds, moving from feeder to feeder, carrying food to various forms of foliage on my terrace and watching other birds around her.
*This Baltimore oriole was visiting on a daily basis from November 16, 2013 through December 26, 2013. She took a hiatus until January 30, 2014, when she returned. Though she is not tagged, I believe it is reasonable to assume she is the same bird.

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