J.Kriste, Master Of Disguise | Live at the Library

Poems - The Age Of Now (Louvana Records)
Treesong - Girls, Ghosts and Gods (Puzzlemusik)
At War - The Age Of Now (Louvana Records)
Keeper Of Joy - Girls, Ghosts and Gods (Puzzlemusik)
21st Century Fog (Louvana Records)

Lefteris Moumtzis - Vocals/Guitar
Pavlos Michaelides - Violin
Andreas Trachonitis - Drums/Percussion
Mario Michael - Bass
Mikaela Tsangari - Keys/Vocals/Percussion

Produced by Andreas Trachonitis and Lefteris Moumtzis
for Louvana Records (louvana.com.cy)

Creative Director: Athina Kasiou
Director: Michalis Kalopedis
Filmed & Edited by Zedem Media (zedem.net)
Recorded & Mixed by: Andreas Trachonitis & Mikaela Tsangari (eleven63.com)
Camera Operation: Michael Kalopedis, Costantinos Stylianou, Andreas Gavriel, Kyriakos Kiriakou
Styling: Lydia Mandridou

Louvana would like to give special thanks to the stuff and management of the Cyprus Library, which made the recording/shooting of this video possible.

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