Katherine Aurora Callahan of Hoopy plays the Hooping Game!

Hoopers vlog: The Hooping Game is a Facebook group where hoopers challenge each other to dance to a song picked by someone else. Joni Marie Hash picked "Conga" by Robert DeLong for me. I had 48 hours to dance to it, make a video, and post it online, with a "hit back" song for her to dance to. It was surprisingly challenging. I've never made a hoop video with a deadline before. It was actually tough to shoot without interruption. As you can see from HoopyBaby's cameo. (He just turned 3!) I played the song 5 times and never got all the way through. So, you get a mash up of several attempts. :) The editing was the hardest part. Glitches with camera & software. But I am so glad I tried. It was really interesting to dance to something I would never pick- was that dubstep? And fun to have a project. So, thanks, Hooping Game and thanks Joni! Can't wait for your hit back. I've been loving watching all the players videos.

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