Take a leap of faith with The Ride. Free People’s latest short film encompasses the sense of strength, courage, and adventure found in the brand’s March catalog starring Erin Wasson and Mark Wystrach. The story begins with Erin, a broken hearted soul lost in the chaos of LA, when she reconnects with Mark, a past love. Spurred by a simple question, it all unfolds. Riding on a Harley down desert roads, we watch the intimate moments that rebuild Erin’s trust in love and the beauty of the world around her. As moments of laughter, passion, and wonder unfold, Mark proves to Erin that taking a leap was worth it.

Shop The Ride: freepeople.com/march-14-catalog/

Actors: Erin Wasson, Mark Wystrach
Direction: Duncan Winecoff for All:Expanded
Creative Direction: Guy Aroch and Free People
Director of Photography: Stuart Winecoff of All:Expanded
1st Assistant Director: Jake Saner of All:Expanded
Editor: Ryan McKenna
Producer: Carl Walters
Color: Michael Rossiter
Sound: Midnight by Salomon Ligthelm, Courtesy of The Music Bed, LLC.

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