26 Jul 2013 | by Zofeen Ebrahim | ì | Economy & Trade - Original Feature

Back in 2010, due to massive floods, hundreds of displaced people from all over the Sindh province, took refuge in the ancient burial ground of Makli, in Thatta. That’s when its degradation was noticed by international conservators.

UNESCO sent a mission and decided that this global heritage site needed to be scratched from that list, and instead, put on one where endangered sites are placed.

To save itself from further embarrassment the government of Sindh assured the international agency that it would do everything it can to protect what is left of it.


YASMEEN LARI, Head of the Heritage Foundation of Pakistan

QASIM ALI QASIM, Director of Archaelogy Department, Government of Sindh

SAEED AHMED AWAN, Secretary of Culture, Government of Sindh

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