Start changing your life and those of many others

Tiny homes are a hot item over the last years, more and more people are willing to give up material and space to save money on heating ans electricity. A house made from shipping containers this idea is not new, but certainly a different look of modern and affordable housing today.
After two years of transformation (including plans, groundwork and permits), what began as two forty-foot high cube containers is now a light and airy 672-square-foot house. It's not dirt cheap- the Sarah House (named for a San Francisco homeless woman whose makeshift home inspired White) is currently on the market for $135,000 (and only to low-income buyers)-, but that price includes a lot of hidden costs. "I spent 40 thousand dollars for the lot and then the infrastructure underneath it, getting the sewer, water lines, probably an additional 25 thousand dollars. So you can see where I'm at, the house is still coming in at 55 to 60 thousand dollars." White thinks with time and economies of scale, he can bring the costs down.
Start changing your life and those of many others

video title: Shipping containers recycled into affordable, accessible Utah home A new look At shipping Container Houses


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