Written and Recorded by Finn Smyth (Owner and Founder of Put a Sock on It)
Pictures taken by Finn Smyth of the Columbia Church of Christ.
pictures taken on a Sony Nex 6
Edited on Magix Movie edit Pro
This song is meant to uplift Christian sisters the world over (and girls in general). It was recorded in a set of songs meant to encompass all women. The other two accompanying songs are "Blue" (By Noel Goetowski) and "Brown" (By Tyler Baird). These three songs encompass the three major eye colors, from which all major eye colors can be derived. Every woman in the world can listen to these songs and know that they are loved. Green is a bit of an emotional roller-coaster. It isn't so much of a story as a state of being. This song is about how Green eyes remind me of my home, Ireland. But the message is applicable to everyone. It is about missing Your home. Missing that place where you feel comfortable. Another home I consider is in God's arms. For me, Green eyes are what take me back there. They are rare and beautiful. They deserve to be uplifted. And, as the song suggests, I will do what I can to make those green eyed girls happy again.

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