After my grandmother died, my parents brought back a table as one of numerous keepsakes split up amongst the family. I don't know how old it is, but I think she'd had it for at least sixty years and even though she'd had it longer than I can remember. I do know it was hand made and without the aid of power tools.

I'd never really seen it. It was always covered in random knickknacks that had been collected over a lifetime of collecting random knickknacks for as long as I had known it. In fact, I even saw it as a bit of a nuisance as it always seemed to block the path I needed to take on my way to where she'd set up a bed for me whenever we stayed. But my parents liked it so they took it home and my mother cleaned it up.

When I cam home for the holidays and finally got my first real look at it I couldn't help but think, "Wow, that is a nice table. I must model it!" So my father snapped a whole lot of pictures and we took some measurements and after heading off again I got down to modeling it in Maya. I even recreated the latching mechanism as best as I could so that turning the lever underneath really locks and unlocks it so you can open it up and put in the leaves.

Available on Turbosquid:

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