Working with the talented creative team from Saatchi & Sattchi London we recently directed this new spot for Guinness. Featuring the slam skills of poetic performer Ainsley Burrows, the spot presents a powerfully narrated first-person story of one man's journey to greatness. We shot the film on location in a stark New Jersey warehouse. We felt pretty strongly that featuring Ainsley in this type of space would bring in some important texture, personality and grit -- and also that it provided an interesting visual metaphor for the "theater of his mind." We then integrated flourishing elements to illustrate the poems narrative. At first appearing as a flowing atmospheric trail following the artist, shapes organically materialize, symbolizing many different images of time, travel, growth, freedom and more. Ultimately this spot is all about poetry and an abstract feeling and we worked to turn the realism of the shots into a spiritually heightened visual experience.


Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
City/State: London, England
Creative Director: Tim Hearn
Creative Team: Dave Govier, Levi Slavin
Executive Broadcast Director: Andy Gulliman
Regional Planning Director: Karen Johnstone
Account Director: Frederic Roger
Account Manager: Victoria Reiz
TV Producer: Laura Mueller
TV Production Assistant: Emma Wolanski

Director: Shilo
Production Company: Shilo at Hanrahan
Creative Director: Andre Stringer
Director of Photography: Martin Ahlgren
Associate Creative Director: Evan Dennis
Lead Artist: Tamir Sapir
Editors: Josh Bodnar, Andre Stringer, Galen Summer
Designer: Evan Dennis
Illustrator: Zach Johnsen
Animators: Henning Koczy, Craig Kohlmeyer, Stieg Retlin, Warren Heimall
Compositors: Bashir Hamid, Tamir Sapir, Andre Stringer
3D Artists: Warren Heimall, Craig Kohlmeyer, Christina Ku, Youngmin Kim, Chris Fung, Joji Tsuruga
Rotoscopers: Constance Conrad, Joel Voelker, Chris West, Stieg Retlin
Trackers: Chris West, Joel Voelker
Producer: Lindsay Bodanza
Line Producer: Nina Goldberg
Executive Producer: Tracy Chandler
Executive Producer for Hanrahan: Mark Hanrahan

Music and Sound Design: Human
Principal Talent: Ainsley Burrows

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