Things you'll love about Slide Bureau:

* Slide Bureau has a template "boutique" with over 150 professionally designed stunning templates. You can't make an unattractive presentation using Slide Bureau. More templates are being added all the time. Don't see the template you need? We have a request button. Send in your suggestions!
* Slide Bureau's template boutique includes templates that are broad or very specific. Right now Slide Bureau includes dozens and dozens of broadly focused templates but also includes specific templates for realtors, teachers, and restaurant owners. More vertical categories coming soon.
* Some of the templates even contain live data from the internet services you depend on for maps, videos, and videos. More coming soon.
* Slide Bureau lets you present to audiences anywhere in any web browser, on any device. Just click the publish button and send a live URL to your presentation to be viewed anywhere on the web. You can even control your presentation remotely from your iPad over the web with Slide Bureau's "Remote Control" feature.
* Your slides automatically work in 3:4 and 16:9 aspect ratios. No changes required.
* Slide Bureau lets you import existing presentations from PDFs via built-in Dropbox integration

Check it out in the app store or at

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