I am a multi-media artist who uses language and humor to address issues of corporate structure, animal rights, and feminist agency. The media I use include: photography, drawing, painting, collage, digital presentations, books, collaborative/participatory and socially engaged art.
Ladies Who Lunch is a digital presentation that utilizes humor centered around the mistreatment of animals. By incorporating text and music with photographs of women dressed as animals, this work comments on our relationship to the animal world. This means specifically how we use animals as objects, captives, food, or clothing instead of seeing them like the individual beings that they are.
I like to tell a story. I chose a digital presentation because the tableaus are a reference to old film making before motion was involved – and my work is about one form of oppression or another. I have these tableaus with these written words, not spoken words so that immediately implicates the viewer. The music adds to the mood.
The issues explored in my work are relevant to any human who deals with animal related issues, be it: food, fashion, or territory.

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