My time is a vile of fresh blood
that's slowly, slowly, slowly dripping down the drain

Every second I wake
is a second that I'm doing everything I can
to keep myself from going insane

When I step outside all I hear
is the ominous sound of a three-headed hound

All my friends, all my friends, all my friends
they tell me that I giving
what I'm getting when it goes around

A little hell.

Why can't you just sit down and do what you're told?
I won't sit here when you're pointing at me
I won't sit here when you're pointing at me

This won't hurt a bit I swear just take it
I won't take it when you give it to me
I won't take it when you give it to me

There ain't no cure for those who hear the screams of the dead
I hear it every night in my sleep
I hear it every night in my fucking sleep

Hound from Hell
Every day and night I'm haunted by the Hound from Hell

When I'm in my car
I can feel it's burning breath breathing down the back of my neck

Every second, every second, every second
I'm inching just a little bit closer to the edge of death

When I step outside
my skin burns and my shadow seems to disappear

The road to hell, road to hell, road to hell
is paved with paranoia, torture, soul acquisition and fear

(Repeat Chorus)

The Schisms is a 3-piece Gypsy/Post-Punk band from Austin, Texas. Most of our songs are about the living dead or sex. It's dark, vaudevillian, voodoo, new-wave, sultry, and evil.

Hound from Hell was shot by Raul Rivera, edited by Carson Barker, and music recorded by Jason Morales (of Tia Carrera) at BBQ Shack Recording Studio

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