The Future is Bright, the Future is now! At HO Skis we're all in on the next generation, developing a full line of kids-specific skis, boots, vests, and gloves that not only look awesome but perform in an epic way. Groms, lil-rippers, mini-shredders, tiny-cruisers, tomorrow's podium hoggers, call them what you will; we feel that kids are never too young to become as addicted to the waterski life as we are. With that in mind, we're equipping the next generation with the gear they need to blow up.

The Future Collection includes:

The Future A3, a 63" high end tournament ski that is built for the lightweight hard charging up-and-comer.
The Future CX Ski, the perfect mix of course ski power and big lake cruisin effieincy.
The Future Freeride, a ski that can shred anywhere, behind anything by being super easy, versitile and fun
Future Basis Boots, boots designed to for kid feet with a great mix of softness, snugness, and agility.
Future X gloves that equip the little hand with a kung-fu grip.
Teen Pursuit Vest, stylin CGA protection.

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