On the turbo trainer from Mauna Kea to the Energy Lab
It's still early in the year. Warm days are rare, so the turbo trainer may be still a necessary option. 2013 in Kona we did a gopro shoot from Mauna Kea to the Energy lab. This video is a kind of meditative approach to a training session.
It's made for those among you who love the Big Island and want to dive into this feeling of riding on the Highways of this Island.
Download it and enjoy 40 minutes Hawaii.

Thank you guys for giving us the possibilities to use your music free for this video free of charge!!

Music by:
Duran Y Garcia - Encantado
Stephane TV - Chosen
Hudson - Foreboding Times
VET - Oblaka
Dustmotes - Little Show
Divenere - Monochromatic Butterfly
Grumpus - Banana Peppers
Heifervescent - Asleep At The Wheel
Pete Lund - Time Lines
Mr. Wilfred - Addicted To Speak
Duran Y Garcia - Saint Germain Des Prés Café II

All pieces are from the vimeo music library.

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