This video demonstrate the use of our new EPANET plugin for QGIS.

Oslandia integrated EPANET into the processing framework of QGIS. This enables the user to run water distribution simulations on hydraulic networks.

Once the network elements are defined, you can setup their characteristics in QGIS, and run the simulation. New layers with the results are loaded, and can also be saved.

This plugin is fully integrated in QGIS. This means that it can use data from a PostGIS database, or whatever data format supported by QGIS. You can also build data processes including water simulations, with preprocessing or postprocessing of data. Then you can visualize the results and adapt the styles for a better understanding of your water network.

QGIS is an OpenSource project ( )
EPANET is a water distribution simulation software created by the EPA ( see )
This plugin has been developped by Oslandia ( ) and is released as opensource :

Oslandia provides services around QGIS, PostGIS, this plugin and globally OpenSource GIS. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information :

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