The series COCORICO is based in the illustrated album with the same name, published by OQO, written by Marisa Núñez and illustrated by Helga Bansch. It is a free adaptation of a traditional tale from Myanmar which talks about the need of listening to good advices, the importance of promises and the difficulty of learning to share.

Cocorico is a mischievous little chicken, though innocent and good. He is also curious and willing to learn about new things, stubborn and eager to try out everything.

The series tells the story in an amusing, didactic way, full of action, and the adventures and mishaps of a little creature growing up and learning about life and the world around him. Not everything will be easy nor will things always happen as expected. Life sometimes forces you to face dilemmas.

Cocorico will try to solve them in the best possible way, together with his friends (Guzzler Pig, Mus Mouse, Quack Duck, of Fleecy Sheep) and with the help of Mr. Dog and Mummy Hen who help him face the threats from his enemies (such as Plucky Cat or Foxy Vixen).

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