Well this is the second evening I got to fly FPV with my new frame.

Every time I fly the frame I think of an improvements which means that its constantly changing its flight characteristics meaning I have to re-learn how it handles in flight each time but I am slowly getting the frame to the point that I want it so things are only going to get better from here.

The quad performed as expected in the crash, the GoPro became detached (zip tie absorbs some of the shock) and the motor mounts all absorbed the main hit without breaking. 3 props were destroyed and the 4th had a chip so its going to be a spare, the motors were well protected from any damage.

This crash has spawned more improvements by re-positioning the GoPro and LiPo closer to the frames CG and re-locate the Spektrum Rx and some weight saving which should improve how the frame changes direction and attitude.

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