Child neglect, bullying and gang culture are all subjects close to my heart. Bad decisions can ruin lives and becoming a product of a bad environment can be devastating, although sometimes difficult to avoid. I want this film to highlight these issues and also evoke thoughts about the potential repercussions of potentially avoidable actions, whether a victim or a bully, influenced or not. Stop, think and decide the future of you.

Please watch and share my film and spread the message. I would really appreciate your time.

A huge thank you to The Princes Trust and everyone involved.



Tom Staniford - This Time Around
Ellite - Hurting You (Instrumental)
Tom Staniford - Elizabeth
Mike Dignam - Beautiful Tragedy

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Director: Lloyd Willacy
Producer: Lloyd Willacy
Director of Photography: Lloyd Willacy
Camera Operator: Lloyd Willacy

Filmed, edited & directed by Lloyd Willacy

(C) 2014 Lloyd Willacy. All Rights Reserved.

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