It's New Year's Eve, Los Angeles, 1956. A rebel with a cause, the girl next door, and a femme fatale meet in a motel room in the Hollywood hills... leading to a dark, tragic night full of mystery, passion and suspense!
Starring Tyler Onassis, Elizabeth Riley and Janet Lee Rose, and written/directed by Tyler Onassis, Alexandros Productions is proud to introduce its debut film, "ROCKCLIFF DR.", a film noir/pulp fiction B-movie!

Tyler Onassis...Johnny
Elizabeth Riley...Heather
Janet Lee Rose...Faye
Production Company: Alexandros Productions, Ephemeral Productions
Director: Tyler Onassis
Writer: Tyler Onassis
Producer: Elizabeth Riley
Editor: Jordyn May
Director of Photography: Janet Lee Rose
Hair & Makeup: Janet Lee Rose
Soundtrack: "Million Dollar Man", performed by Alysia Lynn
Filming Location: Vancouver, BC
Release Date: March 14 2013
Official Site:!alexandros-productions/c1uwy

Director Notes:
"ROCKCLIFF DR." is the first installment of "The Twisted 50's: A Trilogy of Exploitation Films", a pulp fiction/film noir that you would see at a 1950's B-movie drive-in. Johnny (Tyler Onassis) and Heather (Elizabeth Riley) are a young couple on the rocks who check in at a seedy motel on Rockcliff Drive on New Year's Eve, 1956 after Johnny gets in a fight on Sunset Boulevard. Johnny, a "rebel WITH a cause", is a wild, motorcycle-riding Southern ex-Navy greaser on the L.A. scene who's Jack Daniels addiction has gotten out of control. Heather, a good, respectable girl from Little Rock, Arkansas, has done everything she can to make him change his ways but enough is enough and this night she decides to start the New Year fresh and leave him once and for all. But to her dismay he doesn't take the bad news lightly and kills her in response, to then seek the comforts of Faye (Janet Lee Rose), the sultry, mysterious lady of the night he has been seeing on the sly. The two dark souls go about their usual twisted erotic games together before Faye, a deadly femme fatale no man should EVER trust, seduces him to a state of surrender and murders him in return. "You lost at your own hand of cards, baby..."
If you can't stay away from Rockcliff Dr. either, here are some similar titles you can add to your midnight double-bill: A Streetcar Named Desire (1951), Rebel Without a Cause (1955), Marnie (1964), Blue Velvet (1986), Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), Pulp Fiction (1994), L.A. Confidential (1997), The Black Dahlia (2006), The Canyons (2013).

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