The VIBE mining the TwitterStream live for tweets based on emotional expressions and translated into musical tones on an ambient kinetic/ sound sculpture. The VIBE can be taken over by tweeting it's Twitter account @vibe_experiment allowing the user to compose and play their own compositions in a public space from a remote location.
The musical mapping is as follows:
hate - B(6th Octave)
anger - F(6th Octave)
anxiety - B(5th Octave)
fear - A(5th Octave)
love - F#(5th Octave)
hope - C(5th Octave)
happy - A#(4th Octave)
surprise- G(4th Octave)
ashamed- D#(4th Octave)
desire - B(3rd Octave)
sad - G#(3rd Octave)
despair - F#(3rd Octave)

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