Ongoing Box is a documentary investigating the role of "process" in artistic endeavors with Pittsburgh artists, chefs, and choreographers.

The film combines work-in-progress views into Pittsburgh artists’ studios, artist interviews, and studio experiments. Participants include artist Lenka Clayton, encaustic artist Stephanie Armbruster, installation/etc artist Blaine Siegel, movement theater artist Mark C. Thompson, chef Kevin Sousa, choreographer Maree ReMalia, luthier Raymond Morin, photographer Garret Jones, among others.

The film's first screenings are due Summer/Fall 2014.

Director/Editor/Composer: David Bernabo
Additional Editing for "The Ubiquitous Mass of Us" section by Maree ReMalia
Additional music by Host Skull
Additional camera for "MODULES 10" by Garret Jones, Heather Mull, and Gordon Kirkwood

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