In the modern, functionally disenchanted world, those who seek out magical moments must first acknowledge reality, but still hold on to the belief that that which is possible can reveal itself in reality. The magic of enchantment exists in transformation. It is based on the ability of the ordinary, banal, and overlooked to wake the fantasy buried within ourselves.

Two parallel curved pencils experience togetherness. Small flames burn from the valves of the tires of a casually parked bicycle. Lighters positioned next to each other share an adjoining flame. The Israeli artist Ariel Schlesinger describes himself as a little romantic. His sense for the fantastic and awareness of the possible as that which is overlooked in reality are two jumping-off points for his art, which magically draws in and fascinates viewers through subtle interventions.

Ariel Schlesinger grew up in Israel and studied at the Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and the School of Visual Arts in New York. Currently, he lives and seeks out magical moments in Berlin and Tel Aviv. His art is characterized by object art and installation.

A CastYourArt artist-portrait. |

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