Poor little Ben and Abi! They are left adrift in a magical room, hopeless and lost. Never fear, for you can reunite them! Guide the young siblings by matching up rooms and directing them to the magical red door!

Available on the app store - bit.ly/losttwins

It’s a mind bending puzzle game that takes the sliding puzzle mechanics and blends them with platforming gameplay. Assort rooms and reunite the siblings while collecting stars along the way. But beware, for obstacles are bound to flow your way. Swap, Shift and Shuffle your way to the end! Are you up for the challenge?

Lost Twins is we.R.play’s followup to their endless runners Robo Quest (PocketGems) and Dream Chaser (Chillingo). Lost Twins goal was to combine puzzle and platform gameplay with appealing, vivid visuals. After over 4 months in development, Lost Twins is set for a 5th March 2014 world wide release on iOS.

* cute, colorful visuals and ambience
* play as both Ben and Abi
* use the sliding puzzle mechanics to connect rooms
* run, jump and platform to get to the mysterious red door
* seamless transition between the puzzle and platform mode
* complete 33 levels over 3 different zones
* see if you can unlock the super difficult 'mystery room'!

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