IRON [i'ro:n] is a contextual art project by Ziska Szemes and Maria Johansson, edited by Anne Fehres.
We have worked with the last generation who had Över-KöLis- a never officially recognized and now severely endangered language from north Sweden- as their first language, to try to find and preserve a knowledge not easily captured in text. And although we can not stop this language from becoming extinct we can at least save a little portion of its wisdom and pass it on for the benefit of generations to come.
The hope was to find words for the self-spoken sustainability and oneness with nature which was the natural state of things when this language was at its peak and in common use, from the starting point that this attitude would be inherent in the language.
The result is a video-work which aims to impart the concept 'Makaho' [Ma:hO:e']; a simultaneous sense of respect for nature and the environment paired with a sweet feeling of contentment with our human measure.

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