In 1923, Charlotte Reiniger assembled a team and began working on the first ever animated feature film. As a fan of fairytales, Reiniger’s first film was “Adventures of Prince Achmed.” It was created using silhouette puppets that were jointed using wire and photographed on top of a light table.
These silhouette animations are essentially timeless as they are reminiscent of the title animations made by Saul Bass during the 1960s. This is especially seen in the color palette used throughout the background of Reiniger’s films.
My animation is inspired by those of Reiniger, mostly in terms of appearance (i.e., color, shape, etc.). The main difference is the movement of each figure and the general content / theme.
Compared to Reiniger’s process, instead of using wire to create movement, I used illustrator. Illustrator was also my light table, and Photoshop was my camera.

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