There is a saying in Boulder, Colorado.
It goes, "sea-level is for sissies".
Growing up in a city where rafting is an acceptable form of commuting and 30-and-sunny is perfect hiking weather, the very air they breathe is laced with adventure. Best friends for over fifteen years, the members of The Rocky Mountain Oysters are constantly pushing each other to do hard things. They dare to step outside of their comfort zones, explore the unknown and tackle their greatest fears because those are the experiences that offer the promise of growth. They can often be seen searching for the road more traveled only so that they can know exactly what to avoid.

The Rocky Mountain Oysters have recently come to terms with their addiction to adventure. Collectively, they have explored 53 countries, gotten lost 237 times and only "misplaced" 1 passport. They have hut-hiked the Austrian Alps, jumped off ten story castle walls into the Adriatic, biked across Ireland, camel-trekked through the Sahara, and swam in Patagonian glacier lakes. Dylan, Kyle and Ryan may be creative and resourceful, but the Rocky Mountain Oysters is so much more than just the sum of its members. Together, they form a relentless, indomitable force that has overcome and will continue to overcome many obstacles that are too big for any one of them alone.
The Rocky Mountain Oysters have defeated every challenge thrown in their path and beckon Red Bull - Can You Make It? with excited confidence.

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