An estimated three million children live on the streets in the Ukraine. This issue and workings of related charities are rarely covered by western media, ‘Свобода – Freedom’ approaches this issue with an observational journalistic intent. It seeks to illuminate not only the living conditions that these people have to cope with on a day-to-day basis, but also serves to explain how the country has found itself in this state.

The documentary itself is led by the stories of its subjects and creates an emotional bond between them and the audience. Viewers are left feeling enlightened on the issues not solely in a sympathetic way but also in an empathetic way. You are led to understand that although the scenes are terribly sombre, viewers also begin to comprehend the drive that lead the children to this lifestyle and empathise with why they have continued to live like this for so long.

Producer- Abi Njopera-Pedler

Co-Producer- Maria Morgunova

Director- Robyn Watts-Boothby

Camera Operator- Chloe Knowles

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