Coeliac disease is one of the most common lifelong diseases in the Western world, with approximately 1 in 100 people living with the condition. It is notoriously difficult to diagnose, is incurable and can only be managed with a strict lifelong diet. When a child is diagnosed with coeliac disease, it is both daunting for the parent and frustrating for the child, who can feel excluded and different from their peers.

I have written a gluten-free recipe book called 'Can I Eat It?' which provides family meals, tasty snacks, school lunch box ideas and party treats. These tried and tested recipes are my twist on everyday accessible meals and snacks and are designed to allow families to eat inspiring food together regardless of this auto-immune disease.

The book covers:

Information about coeliac disease
My top 20 cupboard essentials to get you started
Rise and shine - Healthy breakfast recipes
Tummy rumblers - Snack time treats
School lunch box - No droopy sandwiches in sight!
Main family meals - Family favourites
Mmm...dessert - Everybody needs pud
Party time! - Let’s celebrate!

The gluten-free aisles in supermarkets are thankfully ever expanding, but removing gluten can be a costly process for manufacturers and that is reflected in the price of many of the products. Wherever possible these recipes use naturally gluten-free ingredients, showing that many standard products in the shops and supermarkets can be incorporated to create inspiring and exciting solutions.

The recipes are created to appeal to everyone, not just coeliac disease sufferers. A gluten-free diet is becoming more and more popular, with many international athletes now following a gluten-free diet purely through choice.

The books title stems from the question my little boy has posed at least once a day since he was diagnosed with coeliac disease at 18 months, ‘Can I Eat It?’ and now the answer to that is, ‘Yes, you can’.

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