The village of Peski is situated in a very beautiful place not so far away from Moscow – not more than 100 kilometers. But you'll find here no sign of modern life. Everything is remained here as it was in Soviet time – shops, library, village club. From 1930 this village is known because of the soviet artist's settlement in the neighborhood. All the Russian Sots-art lived and worked here, including fast the whole group «Jack of diamonds». But the life of common people in the village was separated of the big art. So the common people create their own works of art and once a year organize their own museum in the old village club. They bring here flowers, vegetables, pictures, needlework and everything they are proud of. It's a really high-day for them. This museum live for three days and then it's over. The young people dream to have modern sport-center, dance-club, banks, bars, restaurants. May be once it will become reality, may be not. But now this village with it's poor, old and romantic inhabitants is a museum itself. And we want the world to know about this people and their unusual and non commercial style of life.

Script & Directed: Maria Volchanskaya
Camera: Ivan Alferov, Maria Volchanskaya, Peter Maslov
Sound: Sergey Alexeyev
Producer: Alla Surikova


Станция Пески рязанской железной дороги известна с 30-х годов прошлого века благодаря расположенным здесь дачам советских художников. Многие знаменитые деятели искусства приезжали сюда любоваться окрестными пейзажами и отдыхать от мирской суеты на лоне природы. Но фильм расскажет не о них, а о простых людях – жителях «городского поселения Пески» -- их творчестве и их любви к своей малой родине.

Автор и режиссер: Мария Волчанская
Операторы: Иван Алферов, Мария Волчанская, Петр Маслов
Звукооператор: Сергей Алексеев
Продюсер: Алла Сурикова

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