51st AAPM Annual Meeting
Robert Gutierrez, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 98109-1023, US
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AbstractID: 11959 Title: Digital Mammography: A Radiologist's Perspective
Full Field Digital Mammography (FFDM) systems are rapidly gaining in popularity and
are replacing conventional film-screen mammography (FSM) systems in breast centers
throughout the country. Radiologists are faced with unique challenges brought about by
this transition of technology.
In this lecture, the utility of full field digital mammography in clinical practice will be
presented. Some of the challenges faced by radiologists who have transitioned from film
screen mammography to digital mammography will also be discussed, and case examples
illustrating the utility of FFDM will be presented. The clinical utility of computer-aided
detection (CAD)software packages will also be addressed.
Educational objectives:
1. Understand the clinical impact that full-field digital mammography has had on the
daily practice of breast imaging.
2. Recognize the advantages and disadvantages of FFDM systems.
3. Understand some of the challenges that breast imagers face when transitioning
from FSM to FFDM systems.
4. Understand how computer-aided detection (CAD) systems are used in clinical

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