間 [ma]

間 [ma] explores the idea of void, one of the most relevant concepts in Kengo Kuma’s installation which is part of the Royal Academy of Arts current exhibition - Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined. Raquel has created a work for solo castanets that reconsiders how we perceive space and proportion. Inspired by the architect’s concept weak architecture, which investigates how the human body reacts to light structures, the composer has articulated her music through a multisensory experience that involves vision, memory, touch and sound.

Musician: Ana Gasco (castanets)

Raquel García-Tomás is a composer specialised in multidisciplinary creation who pursues a doctoral research at the Royal College of Music supported by a Neville Wathen Award. Her research project –Multidisciplinarity: An expansion of my creative approach– investigates how other areas (particularly those related to visual art, spatial dimension, movement and interaction with the audience) can enrich herself as a composer. Her recent projects include works for the English National Ballet, the Royal British Society of Sculptors and various instrumental pieces with electronics and video, both created by her. Raquel is currently working on the collective opera Go, Æneas, Go! awarded by the Neuköllner Oper with the Berliner Opernpreis’14.

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