What a difference. The culture shock we where looking for really hit us after arriving in the first small towns in Bolivia. It’s so different from what we’ve seen in the previous countries that we just had to take a couple of days to realize we’re really in a third world country. The people, the infrastructure and just about everything you can imagine is so different from home. Really, we feel like we’ve landed back in the middle ages, but these differences also create the opportunity to shoot some really cool video. Especially on the 200 kilometer wide salt flats where the city of Uyuni is known for.

In Uyuni we’ve met a 23 year old guy from Belgium, Alexandre Eggermont, who is traveling from Val Pariso in Chile to Canada on a ’89 Honda 650 Dominator motorcycle. His plan is to keep traveling for one, two or three years and camp or Couchsurf as much as he can. His story was quite inspiring and the salt flats in Uyuni gave us a beautiful scenery so we decided to shoot a little interview with him. He speaks Spanish fluently and arranged a car and a driver for us, all we had to pay was 150 Boliviano’s which equals about 15 euro.

Shooting on the salt flats of Uyuni was beautiful. We waited for the sun to set and started asking Alexandre some questions about his traveling. After the interview we asked the driver if we could film Alexandre from the trunk of the car while he’s driving his motorcycle and of course he agreed, there are no rules in Bolivia and he had the chance to earn a little money.

Using the DJI Phantom on the altitude of 4500 meters was difficult. The air is thinner so the drone had to work harder to keep on flying. Unfortunately the altitude resulted in two high-speed crashes but nothing really cracked, it was just really salty.

Shooting on the salt flats with Alexandre resulted in hopefully an inspiring little video. We’re really happy with what we’ve shot on one of our first destinations in Bolivia. Ciao!

LCD Soundsystem - Dance Yrself Clean


Sony FS700 + Mitakon Lens turbo
Canon 550D + Magic Lantern
GoPro Hero 3 Black

Carl Zeiss ZF.2 - 25mm, 35mm F2.0
Sony16-80mm Carl Zeiss
Helios 44-5 58mm F2.0
Tamron SP 80-200 F2.8
Sigma 10-20mm F 4-5.6

DJI Phantom drone + Gimbal tarot t-2d
Lanparte shoulder rig + follow focus

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