Aftershock is all about backyard racing on inappropriate bikes. Inspired by Dirt Quake in England and the Australian Flat Track scene, Aftershock is a private event held in Sydney by the Sydney Cafe Racers. It is all about the laughter, cracked ribs, mate-ship, stupidity and friendly racing. A weekend of Mud, Bikes, Bands, Beers, Tents and Shenanigans.

In Perth, Aftershock is hosted by Perth Cafe Racers.

Event by: Sydney Cafe Racers (
Video by: My Media Sydney (
Music by: Sigur Ros (

Dedicated to Steven Zahra - Recovering from 6 broken ribs

REVIEW from our attempt to get it up on

"What a bunch of non riding dullards, I've never seen so many jumps landed on front wheels. Jesus my 10 year old niece could out ride these dweebs. Thanks for the link but these guys are so boring that we couldn't really even think up anything to post about them" - Bullshit Hipster Bike Videos

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