BEIJING TAXI is a feature length documentary that vividly portrays Beijing undergoing a profound transformational arch. Through a humanistic lens, the intimate lives of three taxi drivers connect a morphing city confronted with modern issues and changing values. With diverse imagery combined with a contemporary score rich in atmosphere, we experience a visceral sense of the common citizens’ persistent attempts to grasp the elusive. Candid and perceptive in its filming approach and highly cinematic in style, BEIJING TAXI takes us on a lyrical journey into fragments of a society riding the bumpy roads to modernization. Though the destination is unknown, they continue to forge ahead.


Born and raised in Beijing, Miao Wang moved to the US in 1990 and returned to visit China only three times in 15 years. The colors, textures, sounds, and characters of her childhood city always remained present in her memory. As the Olympic fever ushered in a new era of unprecedented transformations in Beijing, the timing was ripe to capture an era of transitions. Miao wanted to capture the juxtapositions within the old and the new Beijing, and most importantly, to experience how the lives and mentalities of people on the ground have been affected. She has had countless raving conversations about the unique characters of Beijing taxi drivers, with their notoriously gregarious and quintessentially Beijinger personalities. Taxi is not the focus of this film, however, it is a cinematic device and the thread that unravels the story of the common citizens’ struggles in this morphing city.


»»»» BEIJING TAXI has been officially selected for world premier at a major film festival. Details will be announcement soon with the festival’s press release. No further information can be provided until then. ««««

BEIJING TAXI is now steps away from the finish line & facing another crucial bump in the ride. The film is picture-locked. Miao is looking to start post-production in the next two weeks and needs another $15,000 to finish the film and bring it to its world premiere.

A brief breakdown of where the full pledge amount will go:

$5000 - Sound mix
$9000 - Online editing/Color correction/conform and up converting to HD / output to tape
$1000 - DVD authoring / duplication

The funding deadline for this project is set for February 14th »»» Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day. Please help us ring in the year of the TIGER with a RARRRRRRRR!




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