Last--for the moment--in our series of NEW videos commemorating the reissue of LEMONHEADS' first three albums (in deluxe vinyl and CD formats) by Fire Records: "I Don't Wanna," the first song on our first LP, "Hate Your Friends." (Learn more about the deluxe reissues: )

Like the previous 2014 videos, it's cut together entirely from home movies and performance footage from back in the day. Here in "I Don't Wanna" we've got a lot of goofing around with Ben & Evan and their high school pals, as well as shenanigans from Ben's younger siblings and a pal. (NOTE: The high-speed effect wasn't added in post: all of the "speedy" super 8 footage was shot at ~9 frames per second, making it all look fast 'n' crazy.) :-)

The live footage is once again culled from a show in State College, PA--one of the last Deily played with the band, in 1989.

Finally, as with the previous vids here, directed and edited by the superlative Carl MacNeil (, who also cut "The Great Big No" music video for the band in the 90s. ALL HAIL CARL!

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