Our second wings-on-tour swoop project: this time Werner was not sitting in a small boat on a lake but filming between two 80m high skyscrapers in Chile!

Sunny skies and almost nil wind were the perfect conditions we waited for! Finding a new launch place close to the city gave extra height for speeding up. Tower's location in front line and next to the sea was the perfect spot for a direct landing on the beach. In flight a good timing and constant bearing was the right focus to make it fast&save through the gap twice - out-and-return!

10am morning the team was ready and we gave it a go!

pilot: Tom Weissenberger
support: Werner Luidolt
cams: 6 gopros, 3 ground-cams
gap: 35 m
wing: Litespeed RS 3.5, Moyes Delta Gliders
location: Iquique, Chile
music: 'the fallen', Universal Trailer Series

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